Sanguine Lupus Graves - Demo I

by Necuratul



released November 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Necuratul Columbus, Ohio

Black metal

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Track Name: Crimson Blessed
Spell Forth Winds
Somber Tones of Twilight Blood
Rang Forth Cries
Borth Forth On Sonic Wings
Crafts of Spell
Point Unto A shadowed Self
Souls of Lamb
Bayed and Laid Forth Low

So Be Flight
To The Doors of Spectral Night
Sight of Light
Brings The Grip of Shadowed Pain

Final Breath - Spell of Death - Circled Red - Crimson Blessed
Track Name: Sanguine Lupus Graves
Life Unto
Shapes of Blood
Flown Below

Beyond Life
Sign of Night
Which Came to Me Forever

For The Yolk of the Sacred Bled
Unto The Land of the Beast
Sworn to the Blood of an evil flame -
Dreams of forever night

Sanguine Lupus
Track Name: Pale Eyes Of The Hunter
And Bled the veins of the nocturne disciples
flesh rendered undone to the servants of nightdom
bulbs dance within the night of blazing sinful fire
cruelty is sworn who bleeds with the pale seed of sin

Forsake Love
Never Seen
Star of Dawn
Sets Forth Black

sanguine of drape moving softer
shimmering within the night
cascading deep in the heart
dripping nails to the living
shadow has become thy word
into a night of the suffered
supper of brew for the craft
cohorts of him singing onward
Track Name: Beyond The Land Shrouded In Wood
Forsworn flight
to black skies forth
dark in the night
filled my hunger
under the moon
forces of evil
loomed within space
between life's white door

pale flesh awoke
slaked in a red crust
beyond the solace of death

So far above
deep in the land
wander the hearts
of the living night

for lies beneath
a servant below
theirs cannot be
the soul of the hunter

beyond the land
shrouded in wood
life can't exist beyond there
Track Name: Softly With Hatred
Hearts of Light's blood
Corrupt Sin
Set Forth The Left Sign

I Call Now
To The
Shaded Beyond
Voids Hear Me
And Bleed
Crimson Evil Seed

War Of Pain and Blood
Born of the Morning Star

Hands pull threads of black
Sofly with hatred